UniCharge- Type C Phone Charger and Iphone Stand for Desk , Charging dock for all types of smartphones and tablets

Are you looking for a charger that can charge all your devices? Do you want to cut the cable clutter? Well, if this is your story too, then you have landed the right place. In this blog, we will be giving you an effective solution that can charge all your mobile devices and which can also work well with all kinds of chargers, be it Type C Charger or IPhone stand for Desk. UniCharge is a universal multiphone charger dock for iPhone, Android, Google, etc. It is capable of charging all your devices fast and easily, hence reducing the cable clutter.

What is Special About UniCharge?

UniCharge is a universal multi-device and cell phone docking charging station. It is capable of charging any brand name phone be it- iPhone 5 and higher, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google, etc. It is a perfect option to be used at home or office. UniCharge has got the simple and elegant design. All you just need to do is, just turn the wheel to select your phone type and dock your phone to charge. UniCharge is not only perfect for self-use but is also a great gifting option. 

Benefits of Using UniCharge

Easy to Use- The biggest benefit of using UniCharge is, it charges all smartphones. No matter what brand smartphone you own, you can have peace of mind that you can easily charge your smartphone.

Remove Wire Clutter-Unicharge removes all the wire clutter. Since it is a dock charging station, therefore, you do not need cabled chargers. All you just need to do is, place your charger securely over the charging station and your device will get charged.

Great Gifting Option- As we mentioned earlier, UniCharge is perfect for gifting purposes as well. You can gift it your loved ones and they would love the way how functional it turns out to be. It is perfect to be used at home or while travelling.

Handy- Unicharge is quite handy as well. You can easily accommodate it in your travelling bag or purse while you are travelling.

Those were some of the major benefits of Unicharge. If you are interested in buying, visit the website- http://www.theunicharge.com/.Or the amazon store

LumiCharge- A Portable LED Desk Lamp Station--Built In Iphone Stand for Desk and Type C Phone Charger

Are you looking for an effective solution that can serve the need of a smartphone charging dock as well as the functionality of a lighting lamp? What if you can get benefits of both in a single item? LumiCharge is an effective solution that can serve both the purposes of a phone charger as well as a lamp. It can upgrade your workspace with the portable LED Desk Lamp that comes with multiple levels of brightness. Not only this, it has got integrated smartphone charging dock with two USB ports. No matter you have a Google phone charger, Android or iPhone, it is capable of charging all the devices.

What Makes LumiCharge Different?

l  What makes LumiCharge unique is its ability to charge various smartphone devices. It has got a universal charging dock which is capable of switching between 8 pin lighting, USB, Micro USB to any smartphone or tablet.

LumiCharge has also got a smart LED display that shows time, date and day of the week. Not only this, you will also be shown temperature so that you can be prepared for anything.

l  The built-in motion sensor lights up automatically when you enter the room so that you do not have to walk in the dark.

LumiCharge comes in 3 different hues and 10 levels of brightness. This lighting system is extremely beneficial if you want to do homework or read a book in the bed.

LumiCharge elegant design allows individuals to adjust the light levels while charging your smartphone. It makes charging your smartphone handy removing the hassle of unwanted cables from your desk. The 10 different brightness levels allow you set the right mood and environment for your needs. If you are looking for a device to more than just a LED Lampand also your Google phone charger, then LumiCharge is the right solution for you.

Get the benefits of a smart LED lamp and a universal phone dock in Lumicharge. Register today by visiting the website- https://www.lumicharge.com/.